Soft silicone wound contact layer

Product description

A wound contact non-adherent dressing made from polyester mesh coated with soft silicone.

Silflex is designed to gently adhere to the skin surrounding a wound and not to the wound bed this minimises the pain and trauma associated with dressing change. The dressing allows the passage of exudate.


Remove the clear liners on each side of the dressing and place directly over the wound. Silflex may overlap the wound edges. The dressing can be cut to size ensuring sharp scissors are used. Cover with a secondary dressing of choice which may be an absorbent pad or film dressing. Silflex may be kept in place for up to fourteen days depending on the wound condition.

Top tip

Wet your hands/gloves before application so that the Silflex doesn’t stick when applying.


Skin tears, skin abrasions, surgical wounds, second degree burns, lacerations, leg and pressure ulcers, topical negative pressure (primary dressing).


Do not use if allergic to silicone.


  • Non adherent (Adheres only to dry surrounding skin not to a moist wound)
  • Atraumatic soft silicone, reduced pain on dressing change
  • Soft and conformable
  • Allows passage of exudate
  • Hydrophobic Silfix soft silicone coating



If you are a pharmacy you can obtain our products through your wholesaler, even if they do not stock the product on their shelf it can be ordered as a special for you. Alternatively you can set up an account directly with Advancis Medical, please call 01623 751500.

If you are part of the NHS, our products are available through NHS Supply Chain, ordering codes are in the table above.

Members of the public can obtain Silflex dressings by visiting their local pharmacy. Pharmacies can order products from their usual wholesalers, sometimes they hold accounts directly with us to order the dressings in.