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Eclypse Super Absorbent dressings promote wound healing by controlling exudate, reducing the risk of infection and regulating MMP levels therefore providing the optimum wound environment for healing to occur.  

Eclypse Super Absorbent dressings are made up of layers; each has its own part to play in absorbing and maintaining large volumes of exudate the information on the tabs above explain the layers and how they work.

shield.jpgThe breathable backing on Eclypse Super Absorbent dressings provide a water resistant barrier which will prevent strike-through. The added benefit of a high moisture vapour transfer rate this will enable prolonged wear times, it is also bacteria and viral proof.


This layer sits underneath the backing and on top of the moisture locking layer. The layer helps to keep the dressing’s shape, avoiding sagging and to help distribute the moisture in the moisture locking layer more evenly.


The central layer of the Eclypse Super absorbent dressings consist of a sheet of highly absorbent crystals and a mechanically bonded cellulose pad. The risk of infection is reduced as exudate, on contact with the crystals, forms a gel and is locked in to the dressing and retained under pressure, thus preventing strike through.



This layer draws up the exudate from the wound bed, delivering the exudate into the moisture locking layer where it forms a gel. This layer wicks fluid and exudate in a controlled way so that it is effectively removed from the wound and distributed evenly within the dressing. The wicking rate is optimised for moisture withdrawal whilst minimising pain.