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07 March 2017
Advancis Medical are proud sponsors of the Innovation in North America Award. Here, we announce the winner and runners-up.
14 February 2017
Record number attend Step up Step down breakfast meeting
23 August 2016
What do superabsorbent dressings achieve, what are they suitable/not suitable for, and are all super-absorbent dressings equal in terms of performance and quality?

Click on the title to read the article from The Journal of Wound Care Vol 25, No. 8, August 2016 to learn more about the performance attributes that help you to select the right dressing for your patient's needs.
22 August 2016
This case study describes the problems encountered by a patient while waiting for his necrotic fingertip to autoamputate.

The Algivon Plus Ribbon, 100% medical-grade Manuka honey dressing was selected for its deodorisation, pain management and debridement, all of which dealt with the patient’s problems effectively.

The article was published July 2016 Volume 12 Issue 2 of the Wounds UK.

Please click here for more details.
12 July 2016
Our Wound Probe can be ordered as a stand-alone product. Please click here for more ordering information.
15 June 2016
Val Smith-Orr is a British trained RN, ENB Burns and Plastic Surgery Nurse Specialist who set up Triple B Care Projects to care for the poor and less fortunate, many of them children, with burns in the province of Zambales in the Philippines.
22 March 2016
The case study tracks the amazing treatment provided by Val Smith-Orr (RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Burns and Plastic Surgery) and her amazing team in the Philippines.

More information on the work done by Val can be seen by clicking here
16 March 2016
Advasil Conform silicone gel sheet used for the reduction of a keloid scar following a hot oil burn.
11 February 2016
Mercy Ships are a team of Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons and other crew members from all over the world. They donate their time to help on board the world's largest nongovernmental floating hospital, delivering life-saving medical care to some of the world's poorest people.
20 January 2016
Read Professor Richard White's blog in reply to The Department of Health and NHS Supply Chain plans to push through Generic Specifications in wound care dressings.